Notes about how I create and random musings about the art as I am working in my studio.

My beginning as an artist

‎January‎ ‎27‎, ‎2018

Hello everyone.

I started beading several years ago at the encouragement of a friend to help me increase fine motor skills in my hands.  Learning to bead on a loom, and finding out that I can create something beautiful, encouraged me to want to learn more about other artistic skills.  Over the years, my wife and close friends encouraged me to push myself.  I’ve since expanded my knowledge into wire wrapping and wall art.

About seven years ago, I was diagnosed with depression.  My therapist asked me what hobbies I had.  I showed her some pictures of my work that I had done over the previous few years.  She asked me how I felt when I worked on a piece.  I told her I felt a sense of calm and accomplishment.  That I could focus on doing my best and not on the chaos my mind tried to suck me into.  As part of my therapy, she always wants to see what I’ve made since the last time.  Then we talk about what went on in life and how this helped me cope.  This is an integral part of my mental health therapy.

Creating a piece, especially a one of a kind piece, lets me explore how different colors, items, etc., fit together to become a harmonious whole.  It is the process that helps me heal.  This in turn helps me grow and learn…  And share.

The Creator gave me a gift.  In sharing this gift, I hope to make others happy.
Wopila (thank you) for reading.  Have a great day!